New Home Warranty Program

Our new home warranty will help to provide a sense of security and peace of mind when issues arise in your new home. Read below to better understand the coverage of our New Home Warranty Program.


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In Case of an Emergency
If you are experiencing flooding, potential safety or fire hazards or no heat during winter please call 888.433.6442.
If you suspect a gas leak, contact your gas company immediately.

Learn more about our current New Home Warranty


Click here to view and read our current new home warranty.

If you closed prior to 12/1/2023 on the purchase of a home from Stanley Martin (or from a company whose assets were purchased by Stanley Martin), you received a different warranty document than our current home warranty document. Please refer to the warranty documentation you received at the time of closing on your home. You may also access your warranty document through the homeowner portal account you created on the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Website

Our Warranty at a Glance

Below is a high-level summary of each component of our New Home Warranty Program. The details of the coverage, including the Construction Performance Guidelines that establish the warranty standards for various portions of the home, are set out in the warranty document.



This warranty covers components such as the roof, counter tops, doors, windows and finished floor surfaces.


Distribution Systems

This warranty covers the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical distribution systems in the home.



This warranty covers the designated loadbearing elements of the home, such as the foundation system, floor framing system, load-bearing walls and roof framing.


Many parts of a new home are backed by a separate manufacturer’s warranty. These include kitchen appliances, plumbing fixtures like faucets, roof shingles, HVAC equipment and more. Claims should be made through that manufacturer’s warranty program.


At your 60 day warranty inspection, we will address any minor adjustments that need to be made to your new home. This appointment will be scheduled by your Neighborhood Construction Manager on your closing day. Before your inspection, compile a list of concerns and submit your list through our Homebuyer Portal. Once we receive your list, we will contact you to confirm the scheduled date and time of your inspection.


All new homes may experience drywall nail pops and cracks due to normal settlement. We will address visible nail pops and significant drywall cracks one time during the first year.