Decorating Your Dining Room for the Holidays

Decorating Your Dining Room for the Holidays
  • Written on December 07, 2017 By Stanley Martin Homes
It's that time of year again: Holiday concerts, sparkling lights in downtown areas, and chick-flicks on the Hallmark Channel. Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or just gathering with friends this December, it's fun to bring the sights and sounds of the season into your home. And, with so much celebrating occurring around the dining table, that's a great place to start your holiday spruce-up. This year, our Stanley Martin homeowners are no doubt transforming their open-architecture eating spaces and formal dining rooms with festive and welcoming decorations. Below are a few ideas to help inspire you to decorate your own dining room space.


decorHanukkah is the first holiday to be celebrated this December, so it's time to step-up your decorating game. If you're hosting Hanukkah dinner, think about putting sparkling china on your dining room table. This formal dinnerware is elegant, but adds a fun shine and shimmer to your decor.

decor 2Throw in gold, silver, and blue accents, like cloth napkins, silk flowers, a colorful centerpiece, and glittery candles. Don't forget the dradles! There are so many ways you can bring the fun of dradles into your decorating scheme-Pinterest has tons of ideas you'll love.


ornamentsAre you hosting Christmas Eve or Christmas Day dinner? If so, put on your Santa hat and let the decorating begin. Red and green are the most traditional colors to use, but don't be afraid to shake it up and go the non-traditional route.

candyColorful candies are also a fun and tasty-way to add a pop of color to your dining room. Try adding candy canes to your decorations; there are so many colors and flavors to choose from these days. Set some decorative candy bowls on the main table as well as on other tables throughout the dining room. Be sure to have extra candy on hand or your edible holiday decorations may disappear before the night gets started!

Wrapping it Up

holiday decorDon't be afraid to decorate beyond the dining room table. Think about switching out your dining room area rugs for the colors of the season. It can give your room a whole new look for the holidays, which will be fun to look forward to every year. Add colorful trim on your dining room curtains, side tables, or shelving. The unexpected pop of color is a nice finishing touch.

The floorplans in our home designs offer plenty of space to store these holiday treasures, so if you own a Stanley Martin Home, go ahead and deck out your space because storage will be easy when the holidays are over. Otherwise, check out the best solutions to store your holiday treasures until next year.

We know that getting your home ready for company during the holidays can be exhausting, so don't forget to take care of yourself, too. Remember to put your feet up, relax, and enjoy the beautiful decorations in your dining room and the rest of your home. Happy Holidays from Stanley Martin Homes!