Touch-less and Automatic Appliances For Your Home

Touch-less and Automatic Appliances For Your Home
  • Written on February 24, 2021

COVID-19 has really showed us how to increase our hygiene game! From constant hand washing to always making sure there’s a bottle of hand sanitizer around, we’re more aware than ever about germs around us and making sure we’re staying clean. New technology for your home can make you feel even more at ease with features don’t require touch, a nozzle or a switch. See below for some new additions you could set up in your home.

  1. Automated trash can. You may have already purchased this to make sure your kitchen doesn’t smell, but this also helps make sure you’re not spreading germs. Whether it’s from raw food, used tissues or even from the to-go containers from a local restaurant, getting a touchless trash can will help seal those germs in and make it easy to dispose of unsanitary items. 
  2. Touchless soap dispensers. During the times of Coronavirus, these handy appliances are worth the purchase. Stock up on a battery-powered option for high traffic rooms from the kitchen to the master bathroom and everything in between. You can even find versions that have dual sides for hand sanitizer, hand lotion (hands sure are dry from all that washing!) or even toothpaste. 
  3. Smart sinks. If you’re like us and are messy cookers and eaters, this appliance may be a kitchen cleanup lifesaver. There are so many options to choose from including ones that are voice-activated and can be paired to work with Google Assistant or your Amazon Alexa! For a simple version, most of the touchless sinks require just a slight tap of an elbow or a wave of a hand to get the water flowing. 
  4. Keyless door lock. Never again will you be locked out of your home because of forgetting a key! Keyless door locks not only look sleek and beautiful but they’re incredibly smart and even safer than having a home key, which can be lost easily. These locks can be opened through an app on your smartphone. You can lock or unlock a door from anywhere or even share a “key” with friends via text so they can get in at any time.
  5. Light switches. Did you know that light switches are one of the dirtiest spots in any home, hotel or store? It’s a spot that most people touch but can often be forgotten during the cleaning process. Eliminate this germ-fest with light switches that are activated by a hand wave. They can be installed in the same spot your original light switch is in and can even help out with conserving energy, as some turn off automatically if left on for a certain number of hours.
  6. Automatic paper towel dispensers. It may seem a bit unnecessary but hear us out: similar to the sink, aren’t there times where you have food on your hands and struggle to grab a paper towel? These nifty tools can distribute paper towels one by one or attach onto your paper towel roll to unroll one piece at a time whenever you waive your hand. 

We hope we got your wheels turning on some potential new appliances to make your home even healthier!