7 Things to Do to Sell Your Home Fast!

7 Things to Do to Sell Your Home Fast!
  • Written on February 21, 2020

Below are the top 7 things you must do to sell your home quickly and get the best value for it!

  1. Deep clean. A seemingly obvious first step, but a couple dust bunnies in the corner can make or break a home showing. Over the span of a month, tackle each room in the house one by one to make sure you are covering all areas. A fresh coat of paint inside can help cover any nicks or stains and make the place look like new. For the outdoor areas, rent a power washer to help revive dull wood. If you’re looking to get your home on the market quickly, consider hiring these tasks out.
  2. Stage that home. For potential buyers, looking at a home is one of the only aspects of the process that relies on emotion – when they step through the door, they want to be able to picture themselves living there. By staging your home, you can showcase the “bones” of the house instead of your stuff. Rid the indoors of very personal items – while baby photos are adorable, it can make potential buyers struggle to see their future in the home when looking at your past. Don’t forget the outdoors and amp up your curb appeal with a meticulously manicured lawn or a quick fix on a rickety fence.
  3. Do your research. Did you know that, according to a new study, back porches and decks are the most common “must-have features” in a home right now? For those who have them, this is an incredible selling point to feature. Before putting your home on the market, make sure to check out what buyers really want from a home. From there, you can hone in on those details to make your listing stand out!
  4. Hire a photographer. Phone images can work for sharing photos with friends but not when trying to sell your home. Invest in a photographer, specifically one who has photographed real estate to ensure you get vivid images. With the right professional equipment, they can shoot the best angles of your home, take video footage or even create a 3D tour video for your listing page.
  5. Decide how to price your home. Too high? People won’t purchase. Too low? People may wonder why it’s being sold at such a low price. A bit of an art and a science, choosing the correct price for your home is a gamechanger. Think through what other homes in the area are priced at, any upgrades you’ve made to the home and more to help find that golden number.
  6. Be open to open houses. We get that you want to sell your home quickly, but you also want to make sure you’re showing your home to the most people as quickly as possible. As opposed to scheduling multiple individual showings, take the quick route and plan an open house. A great way to open your doors to potential buyers, you can actually speed up the process by showing it off to several people at once. It may seem daunting to have so many people in your house, but it’s often more convenient than finding the time for numerous one-on-one showings.
  7. Don’t be afraid to hire a realtor. This is a major life change – make sure it’s done right! With the help of a licensed professional like a realtor, their expert knowledge and connections can help make the process easier for you, as well as bring in the right type of buyer. In addition, while there is a fee associated, it can be leveraged as an incentive to make sure your home is sold swiftly and properly. From choosing the right listing price to helping find home stagers and photographers, these professionals are there to help!


We hope these tips and tricks help you in your pursuit of selling your home this year!

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