6 Ways to Celebrate Labor Day at Home

Group of friends socializing over a BBQ
  • Written on August 19, 2021 By Stanley Martin

Labor Day weekend is almost here! It’s the perfect long weekend to relax and recharge as we bid farewell to the final days of summer. For those wanting to stay home again this year, we wanted to share a few ways to make the most of your holiday weekend in your very own home! From a few creative outdoor activities to utilizing your home’s open floorplan, here are six tips for the perfect three-day weekend.

  1. Turn your backyard into a movie theater. There’s nothing like a summer movie night under the stars with your family and friends. Create the entire movie theater experience with a D.I.Y. concession stand, displaying mini popcorn bags, toppings, drinks, and candy. Just think of all the money you’ll save with these at-home theater snacks! Select a movie projector and set up your screen or pin up a white sheet for a retro cozy feel. Don’t overthink your seating arrangements. Seats can be eclectic with blankets, camping chairs, sleeping bags and lawn chairs. Now that you have your snacks, projector and seating, it’s time to add a few extras. Decorate your backyard with twinkling string lights and lanterns. Depending on whether you’re hosting an adult-only movie night or kid friendly gathering, you can go formal or keep it lowkey. The Labor Day backyard movie night options are endless!
  2. Host a cookout. What’s a summer holiday weekend without a cookout? Make the most of your backyard before daylight saving time steals our long sunny evenings. Fire up the grill for hotdogs and burgers, and set up a toppings bar that the entire family will love. Prepare a signature Labor Day cocktail with fresh fruit for the adults. End the party with a dessert project of homemade ice cream. Order an ice cream maker online or try the “ice cream in a bag” method that only requires a few basic ingredients. And with an open-concept kitchen, event prep will be a breeze.
  3. Tackle a house project. With an extra full day off work, you want to make the most of your time. House projects may not be as relaxing as a holiday by the pool, but they certainly are rewarding. Your new home is designed for the way you live, but maybe you’ve been wanting to organize your kids’ closet or utilize the extra space in your kitchen to create a cubby for school backpacks and lunchboxes. Select a project or two that you’re confident can be completed within the long weekend and get started.
  4. Organize a neighborhood parade. Holiday weekends call for a parade! Skip shuffling through the crowds of a town parade and gather your neighbors to plan one of your own- socially distanced, of course. Living in a neighborhood located near top-rated schools means it’s likely the families on your block have children or would enjoy a family-friendly activity. Designate a safe route, pass out invitations, and dust off the bikes, wagons and scooters to get rolling down the street to celebrate. Make glittered signs, throw candy to observers, play instruments and host a potluck or cookout outdoors at the end of the route.
  5. Camp in the backyard. There’s no better way to camp than with running water, a bathroom and a kitchen only steps away. Open your backdoor to an epic end-of-summer vacation. Just put up a tent, roll out the sleeping bags and it’ll be like you’re in the great outdoors all in the comfort of your own backyard. Tell stories around your fire pit and roast marshmallows for an authentic camping experience.
  6. Get ready to change seasons. Out with summer and in with autumn…almost! Fall is right around the corner, and your front door is begging for a fall foliage wreath. There’s something nostalgic about cracking into your box of fall decorations. Get the warm and fuzzy feelings by selecting one area of the house to decorate for the new season.

At Stanley Martin Homes, our goal is to create homes that perfectly align with your desires and serve as a special space to enjoy all life’s celebrations. We hope you’ll try one of these tips in the comfort and design of your home, and we wish everyone a happy Labor Day!