Tips for Setting Up Your At-Home Exercise Spot

Tips for Setting Up Your At-Home Exercise Spot
  • Written on April 29, 2021 By Stanley Martin

Exercise can be a great outlet to relieve stress, practice self-care and get those feel good endorphins flowing. Even with gyms opening back up, many may still prefer to workout at home. Whatever your reason for working out at home, we’ve compiled a list of quick tips and tricks to create the perfect at-home exercise space!

  1. Create an inspiring atmosphere. Your surroundings drastically effect how motivated you feel, so fill your gym space with energizing decor. If you are in a room with windows, draw attention to the natural light in the room. If you are working with a basement, garage or windowless space, not to worry! Try swapping out your dim light bulbs with bright white bulbs to create the illusion of natural light.
  2. Maximize flex space in your home. If you don’t think you have space in your home for a gym, you’re probably wrong! It doesn’t have to be a massive room – you can use flex spaces all around your home for a dedicated workout area! A home office, guest room or even a corner in your garage can become your “gym.” Reading nooks or areas behind your sofa in the living room can become an aerobic classroom. Almost any area can accommodate!
  3. Give yourself space for a variety of workouts. When buildingyour workout space, it is easy to just start cramming all available equipment into one room. Workout equipment and gadgets can be expensive – be mindful of the space you have and only fill it with things you actually need. For example, a jump rope can be just as effective of a cardio workout as running on a treadmill. If you know you like to do yoga or meditation, make sure you have enough room for your mat!
  4. Protect your joints. Flooring materials such as wood or concrete don’t absorb the impact of running or jumping. Instead, the energy travels back up through your feet and legs, leaving you more prone to injury as well as damaging your floors. Try installing interlocking foam-mat pads to protect your floors and feet, while also stifling unnecessary noise. In a pinch, a simple yoga mat will also do the trick for low-impact workouts.
  5. Add a mirror.There’s a reason gyms have mirrorseverywhere. Watching yourself exercise reduces injury and helps you correct and perfect your form without the help of a fitness instructor. Additionally, this small investment has environmental benefits as well. Mirrors reflect any light in the room, doubling brightness in your area. Similarly, mirrors create the illusion of space, making your workout space more enjoyable to be in.
  6. Add storage units. Keep your space inviting and organized by installing simple storage units. Dumbbells, resistance bands, yoga mats and whatever else you may have can be a tripping hazard and disrupt your motivation and workout experience. Try installing cubbies or a shelving unit to the wall to keep your floor space to a maximum. If you typically workout to videos, try a shelving unit that frames your television, tablet or laptop for easy access and storage.

We hope these tips inspire you to create an at-home exercise spot that best suits your lifestyle and available space. Unlike the gym, this can be a space for you to workout on your own terms - so have fun with it!