Tips for Giving Your Outdoor Space a Refresh

Tips for Giving Your Outdoor Space a Refresh
  • Written on July 21, 2021 By Stanley Martin Homes

Whether hosting celebratory events in your backyard or relaxing with family outside, revamping your outdoor space for the summertime can make all the difference! Having a fresh outdoor space can not only help with curb appeal, but you’ll also want to spend more time outside. No need to fully renovate or do an overhaul – you can spruce up your space with a few simple projects that are quick and cost effective without compromising style. Here are some tips you can use towards your next outdoor project:

1. Line your driveway or outdoor pathways with LED lights.

Lights are an easy way to make it look like you’ve repaved your driveway or pathways. They’ll open up the space and add dimension. We recommend solar LED lights as they only require a few hours of sunlight each day to recharge. Place them in the ground to dramatize your space and make your driveway “pop” – it’ll also help grandpa see it better! If you’re looking for a more subtle look or just want to add some greenery, you can add plants around them.

2. Edge your garden.

This is an affordable way to make your garden appear neater and more put together! Grab some mulch and a spade from your local home supply store and create a smooth line around your garden bed or bushes. It’s win-win because not only will your garden look neater, you’ll also be able to check “weeding” off your to-do list. The mulch helps keep weeds at bay, so your garden will stay looking fresher for longer. Make a DIY safe pesticide by mixing vegetable oil, mild soap and water and then pour over the mulch.

3. Paint your metal outdoor furniture.

Instead of replacing your rusting furniture, give your metal tables and chairs a new life with a fresh coat of paint. Stick with the same color or switch up your aesthetic with a pop of color. Not only do you get to keep the furniture you love, you also can make them look brand new.

4. Break out the pressure washer!

We recommend renting one instead of buying, but this tool makes getting rid of dirt, soot and other debris on your outdoor furniture a breeze. Use it on plastic or resin furniture like chairs and tables, then add a layer of furniture wax or car wax on top for a protective coating. Tackle the deck next to strip it of dirt. You’ll be surprised what color your deck really is after you do this! Fair warning that it does take a couple of hours so we recommend starting early in the morning so everything has plenty of time to dry.

4. Add some more greenery.

If you have limited outdoor space, greenery can make an area look brighter and give it new life. Start small with some potted succulents along a bannister or add an over-the-rail flowerpot. If you have the space, an herb garden isn’t just eye-catching, it’s also pretty practical. If you don’t have a green thumb, herbs like mint and basil are not as difficult to grow and just need some sunlight.

5. String some lights along!

Imagine sitting on your deck with twinkling lights all around – sounds magical, right? It’s as easy as picking up a couple strings of lights and strategically placing them around your space. If you want the space to look taller and create the illusion of stars, hang the lights higher up. If you want the lighting more as an accent, wrap it around deck railings or trees.

Freshening up your outdoor space doesn’t have to be a chore. Give these tips a try and tag Stanley Martin Homes in your before and after images!