Take Your Terrace to New Heights

Take Your Terrace to New Heights
  • Written on April 25, 2018 By Stanley Martin Homes

A Good Spot to Get Things Done

In good weather, a terrace becomes an extension of your home-it's a practical place to work or play.

  • Rooftop Garden Projects: Got a green thumb? Then a rooftop garden is a project you might enjoy. You could keep it simple with a few plants, a container garden, and a small tree or two. Or, you could go all out and turn your terrace into a beautiful oasis of green.
  • Take a Meeting: Working from home when you have a terrace can be heavenly. It provides a quiet spot to focus on your to-do list, participate in a conference call, or have a private conversation with an important client.
  • Breathe In, Breathe Out: Bring your yoga mat and enjoy the fresh air of your terrace while you're planking, lunging, twisting, or doing a headstand.


Illuminate Your Nighttime Parties

Chances are, you've hosted an evening party on your terrace and lit it up with candles or a string of lights. Next time you host a party, try these creative lighting ideas to add a little sparkle to your after-dark get together.

  • Place beer, wine, and other bottled drinks in a see-through large plastic bucket and toss several glow sticks in with the ice. It will look beautiful and no one will have to ask you where the drinks are!
  • For a colorful twist to your party, insert glow sticks into balloons before you fill them up with helium. Tie them down on tables, chairs, near refreshments, or anywhere you'd like-very festive!
  • Use glow necklaces to play an old-fashioned game of ring toss on a make-shift pole. You're never too old for this game!

Having a terrace is truly a luxury, but it can also be practical. We hope these ideas will help you integrate your terrace into your day-to-day life as well as provide inspiration for new ways to use the space now and into the future.