Have a Floorplan That Fits Your Family

Have a Floorplan That Fits Your Family
  • Written on January 20, 2021

We get it – we’ve all been inside a lot more than we’re used to and it’s been tough to adjust. Homes that were once perfect for your lifestyle are now feeling cramped. From working from home and online learning to potentially expanding the number of those who live in it, your home needs to perform more functions.

If you feel this way and are looking for a new home in 2021, don’t feel like you have to settle on a house that just checks one box on your list. Instead, put homes and floorplans to the test and make them work for you, not the other way around. Homebuilders, including Stanley Martin Homes, are noticing this trend and adjusting just like you are. We’re tasking our in-house architects to design homes that are relevant for this shift. See below for the types of home layouts we’re building in 2021:

Working from home? 

While you’ve probably gotten used to taking conference calls from the living room or your kitchen table, it’s time for a change. Look for layouts and floor plans with a dedicated study or an extra room to be turned into a home office. Don’t need a full room? Keep an eye out for strategically placed flex spaces like within The Edison II in Raleigh or on the lower level, like within our Colman floorplan. With room to set up a desk, comfortable chair, file cabinet and your computer, you’ll have a designated workspace. And at the end of the work day, you can shut down your computer and actually “turn off” for the day.

Learning from home? 

Has science class completely taken over your kitchen island while you’re trying to make breakfast? Or have you noticed your student’s eyes closing a bit too much while in bed during a lecture? We can’t blame them, but we can help them stick to a “school” mindset. An extra bedroom or even the basement recreation area in our Reuben floorplan can take the place of a classroom. It seems insignificant, as it’s not far from their bedroom, but having a small degree of separation between their homework and their bed can really help children focus. They'll almost feel like they’re back in school again.

Want to get fit from the comfort of home? 

With the chilly weather in the early months of the year, it's hard to find the motivation to go outside for a run. We feel your struggle! If you have “get fit” as a 2021 resolution, look for layouts that offer a basement area or garage for an at-home gym – The Hastings plan has both. With it, you and your significant other can now work out in separate areas. Setting up in those areas are beneficial not only because they tend to be cooler, but they also help mitigate noise, so you can blast your music as loud as you want. If you prefer a morning yoga class, look for our options with a rooftop terrace, like The Paxton in Richmond, and become “zen” with a gorgeous sunrise view.

Adding more family members to your home? 

If you have the option to have more family close by, your home shouldn’t stop you from doing so. Several layouts have the option for an add-on suite or even a finished lower level with an extra bedroom and bath. Options like The Royden in Atlanta and The Travis II in Raleigh make it simple to plan ahead for more family members. Make your family feel at home without having to share one bathroom with five people!

All the above? 

There are floorplans out there that can accommodate all of these needs!

Once you’ve found a floorplan that fits your family like a glove, making a house a “home” becomes instantly easier. If you’re looking for some help on how to find a set up that’s best for you, we’ve compiled some information here.