7 Ways to Make Guests Feel Right at Home

7 Ways to Make Guests Feel Right at Home
  • Written on February 19, 2021

Having friends and family from out of town is always fun, whether you are having a relaxing weekend on the couch or have a packed itinerary of activities. Here are seven tips to help you become the host or hostess with the most by making your house guests feel right at home during their stay!

1. Do a deep clean. Your guests will be much more relaxed knowing they’re staying in a clean and tidy space. With the current state of things, it’s more important than ever to make sure all surfaces and high-touch items are sanitized before your guests arrive. Wipe down all surfaces and things like remotes or light switches, dust the blades of your ceiling fan and make sure to vacuum everywhere. For an added touch, treat your guests to some fun ‘turn down’ items as if they were staying at a bed and breakfast – place chocolates, a local keepsake or another small item on the made bed for them, or go big with a cute welcome basket!

2. Stock the fridge before they arrive. Find out what kind of groceries your guests normally keep in their home and add them to your fridge before they get there. Make sure to note if your guests have dietary restrictions so you can buy the right ingredients and plan out meals appropriately! You don’t have to break the bank at the grocery store, just find a few things that your guests may want to snack on or drink to help make them feel more comfortable in your space. 

3. Mimic a hotel bathroom. Somehow, packing toiletries is always last on the list and forgotten toothbrushes are all too common (we’re speaking from experience). Give your guest peace of mind by stocking the bathroom with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, toothpaste, a toothbrush and some cotton swabs. This makes your guest bathroom feel like a hotel and eliminates any awkward conversations if they forget any necessities. 

4. Have drinks ready upon their arrival. Isn’t this one of the best things when you arrive at a resort? Make guests feel like royalty and customize the drinks based on what your guest likes, the weather or the season. If it is summer, fresh-squeezed lemonade or mimosas are great options, and for the colder months, red wine, eggnog or hot chocolate will help warm everyone up. Accessorize with fruit slices, fancy cups or twisted straws for an added touch of fun.

5. Set up a coffee station. There is nothing better than waking up to a fresh cup of joe on vacation. If your guest is an early riser, they may not be able to find all they need for their caffeine fix. On your kitchen island, in the corner of your kitchen or on a bar cart, set up a makeshift coffee station stocked with mugs, caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee, teas, sugar and more, so it’s all in one spot. You can leave a sticky note on the side letting them know about the milk and creamer in the fridge!

6. Put nightlights in their room. While you may know every twist and turn of your home, your guests may feel more comfortable having nightlights to guide them through the house in the dark. Purchase one for the guest bedroom and one for their bathroom, so they can move freely at night without walking into a wall. Consider keeping one light on in your kitchen as well for any late-night trips to the fridge! 

7. Create space for them. Whether that is leaving hangers in the closet for them to use or clearing off the desk, allowing your guests to have space for their things will make friends and family feel more at home. Set up a charging station next to the bed to mimic their bedside table at home. Empty out the guest room dresser too, so they feel more inclined to fill the space with their things instead of living out of a suitcase the entire trip.

Now that your guest is all settled in, it’s time to do something a little special for them. Maybe it’s making their favorite meal, putting fresh flowers in their bedroom or booking a spa day for you to enjoy together! Whatever you decide to do, our team at Stanley Martin Homes hopes these tips make you feel confident in your hosting abilities and helps your guests feel right at home!