Living the Villa Lifestyle

Living the Villa Lifestyle
  • Written on June 02, 2021 By Stanley Martin

If you’re on the hunt for a new home, you may be surprised by all the styles there are to choose. There are single-family homes, townhomes, condos and villas! For those seeking to reside in a warmer climate or on the coast, villas can be an ideal option for you and your family. Interested? We’ve broken down just what a villa is and how it could possibly be the home of your dreams!

  1. Just the right size. Similar to the story of Goldilocks, there is such a thing as “just right!” Some homeowners don’t want the maintenance that comes with a larger home and villas provide a great middle ground. Most villa designs can range from 1,772 up to 3,636 square feet. Within the villa, you’ll have plenty of room for the family, with multiple bedrooms, a large breakfast area, open flex space and more.
  2. Thoughtful design. Keeping the smaller footprint in mind, villas are designed to use as much of the space as possible in the most useful way. They typically have an owner’s bedroom on the main floor with its own attached bathroom. In place of a dining room, villas sometimes have a larger breakfast area – another way to really maximize space without hindering comfort!
  3. Low maintenance, more fun. Sell your lawn mower and get rid of the rakes – it’s time to forget all that yardwork and instead use that time for fun! Villas have smaller front yards that are sometimes, depending on your neighborhood, taken care of by HOA or other community organizations. With this, there’s less of a need to spend all day keeping the outside of your home tidy. The only outdoor spaces you’ll have to worry about are patios and screened porches.
  4. Amenities, amenities, amenities! In addition to the outdoor living spaces, villas are typically found in neighborhoods with plenty of amenities. Think of extras like a community pool, walking trails, a community fitness center or playground for the kids. Villas can be found in gated communities, as well, for added peace of mind.
  5. They’re not just for downsizers. While a large number of villas are found within retirement or age restricted communities, they’re not just for those looking to downsize their home! Villas can be up to two stories and have as many as four bedrooms, multiple flex spaces and a garage. Some villas even have a loft space available to add on, for a spot for the kids to play in, an upstairs office space or a gym space.

We hope this gave you a little more insight into what a villa home actually entails and you’ll keep an eye out for them on your home search! If you’re looking to check out some villas like in our Charlottesville neighborhoods, reach out to our New Home team here.