Holly Springs' Hottest New Neighborhood

Holly Springs' Hottest New Neighborhood
  • Written on June 27, 2018 By Stanley Martin Homes

When you wake up in your spacious owner's suite, you look around feeling equally peaceful and rested. Your bedroom is so comfortable, you briefly consider relaxing under your covers for another 15 minutes. But you've learned from personal experience that 15 can turn into 30 and 30 into an hour, so you shuffle across your gorgeous hardwood floors to the walk-in closet-one of the many features that made you fall in love with the home-and pull out a pair of tennis shoes to start your day with some exercise.

You have multiple choices: a few good laps around one of the picturesque walking trails that circle Cagle Lake, a heart-pumping game of tennis on Edgewater's private courts or a workout on the top-of-the-line equipment inside the community clubhouse. You run. You jump. You return home winded but energized-and hungry.
Your kitchen is bright and inviting with plenty of counter space to slice, roll, prep, cook and serve your signature dishes and experiment with new ones. Today you deliberately stride past a bag of your most tempting snacks to make a healthy breakfast that would impress a nutritionist. You can't help but be proud of yourself. Your reward is a few indulgent moments sitting in the blissful quiet, enjoying a meal all to yourself before your children wake up. It's adult magic.

When the house comes alive with activity, the kids are even more high-energy than usual. You've promised them a day of swimming and there's an excited flurry of running around, pulling out towels, looking for floaties, packing sunscreen and putting on bathing suits. The resort-style community pool is refreshing for the entire family and you spend hours splashing, diving and laughing together under the hazy Georgia sunshine.
All of that water play works up an appetite and after your children make you promise that you'll all come back next week, you go back home to shower and change for dinner. It's just a 15-minute drive to downtown Woodstock, where distinctive boutiques and small businesses contribute to the local character. The restaurant for the evening is up for a vote: Canyon's Burger Company or J. Miller's Smokehouse? Pizza at Fire Stone or specialty tacos at Pure Taqueria? It takes some time to make a decision, but everyone agrees unanimously on dessert at Cupcakelicious.

In the winding down hours of the evening, after you read the same bedtime story five times and the kids finally relent to sleepiness, the back porch is your favorite place to be. The stars overhead are clear enough to count and the summer breeze is the soothing end to a busy day. It's the best spot to enjoy the calming quiet of a Southern summer night.