The Caterham at Welwood: A Super Home for the Super Bowl

The Caterham at Welwood: A Super Home for the Super Bowl
  • Written on January 29, 2018 By Stanley Martin Homes

The Caterham at Welwood in Short Pump

If there was ever a home built for a Super Bowl party, it would be The Caterham. The overall interior of this inviting home is expansive, with room for lots of people, lots of food and drink, and a big screen TV for all to see.

great roomThe kitchen, formal dining room, and great room are all connected and your guests will have an easy time finding the food and beverages without missing out on game predictions and other important pre-game conversations. When the game starts, everyone can comfortably gather around the TV, which could easily hang above the fireplace. Because the game can be seen from the open kitchen, that means your friends, family, and neighbors can come and go to refill their plates and glasses without missing any of the game (or the halftime show!).

dining roomThe formal dining room table is a perfect spot to lay out a smorgasbord of game day treats because it also has a perfect view of the rest of the home - and the TV. Potluck dishes, Super Bowl-themed food, cheese trays, and more should keep your guests happy and content throughout the day and into the evening. There is even space to add an extra table or two in the dining room for those who would like to sit down to enjoy their food and drinks.

kitchenThe kitchen area is huge. There is more than enough space to set up a well-stocked bar, including wine bottles, multiple ice buckets, a wide variety of glassware, and even a big bucket of ice packed with juice boxes and yogurt cups for the kids.

kitchenSpeaking of the kids, just off the kitchen is a breakfast table, which is tucked away in the corner and offers a perfect spot for crayons, crafts, and cookies for the little ones in attendance. The best part is, even with so many drinks and food laid out everywhere, there is still a ton of counter space to keep the food preparation going easily throughout the party. Double ovens in an optional gourmet kitchen can be working around the clock to ensure there will be plenty of hot food at all times.

On Super Bowl Sunday, you can't control who wins. But, you can make sure that each and every guest that visits your home will leave with a full belly, some leftovers to go, and great stories about the hospitality and welcoming experience they enjoyed at the hands of the folks who own The Caterham.