Benefits of a Small Outdoor Space

Benefits of a Small Outdoor Space
  • Written on July 14, 2021 By Stanley Martin

Having an expansive outdoor space can be wonderful especially if the landscape and overall surroundings are easy on the eyes. However, the upkeep of these large spaces can be time consuming and overwhelming. A home with a smaller outdoor space has its benefits. Here are some of the reasons to fall in love with a low-profile outdoor space.

Less yard maintenance. The most obvious benefit of a smaller yard is that you won’t have to spend time as much time mowing, trimming, clipping. Most people would rather spend their weekends doing the things they enjoy instead of hours of yard upkeep. Any yard maintenance that does need to be done is much more manageable and takes a lot less time. Low-maintenance outdoor spaces are great for first-time homeowners who don’t have a lot of experience with lawn care. Use this opportunity to learn the basics of yard maintenance that can translate to a larger space should you have a home with a bigger yard in the future.

Lower expenses. There are several costs associated with maintaining a healthy and beautiful yard. One of the major ones is the water bill. On average, a standard irrigation system uses about 16 gallons of water per minute. That means you could use up to 15,000 gallons of water a month! Depending on where in the US you live, your outdoor water usage could add up to a hefty monthly payment. With less lawn to irrigate, you can save water and spend less money on your water bills. Not only do big backyards soak up more water, they require more pest control and landscaping which add up in overall costs. The size of your yard also helps determine your home’s assessed value which translates to your annual property taxes. A smaller yard could mean lower property taxes.

More garage space. Most people who own single-family homes use their garages for storage. Bikes, power tools, and lawn care equipment. With a smaller outdoor space, there may not be a need for a large lawnmower or additional tools. That means you get more space in your garage to park your cars or store other items. Check out our blog on how to use your garage to the fullest to maximize your garage space.

There’s still space for entertainment.Don’t think that by having a home with a smaller yard you will be unable to create an outdoor space that you enjoy. There is still plenty of space for a patio or deck, grill, hammock and small play toys. A smaller outdoor space is a great opportunity to create a personalized, intimate yard. Add a seating area, water feature, small garden or privacy trees and get the serene backyard setup that you desire. Smaller spaces have the added benefit of a cozy, intimate feeling and make it easier to socialize – and you can infuse your own personality into the space for a lot less money.

Being a part of the community. Small backyards give homeowners the opportunity to spend time in the common spaces available within the neighborhood. Neighbors then get to meet one another and create a much tighter knit community. Plan fun games at the neighborhood activity field or playground or have a movie night at the clubhouse. Becoming a part of the community is an added benefit of living in a neighborhood.

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