7 Ways to Revamp Your Indoor Decor This Month

7 Ways to Revamp Your Indoor Decor This Month
  • Written on June 15, 2021 By Stanley Martin

Summer is here, the sun is shining, and you may be looking at your décor and feeling a bit bored. A new season is a perfect time to spice up your home a bit. Whether you’re looking to freshen up a guest room or completely change your living room decor, here are some simple ways to revamp your indoor decor!

  1. Rearrange your furniture, art, or decorations. By shifting large furniture pieces around or moving artwork to different locations, you can make a space feel and look new again. And what’s even better, you can achieve this without spending any money! Move the large painting in your bedroom to the living room for an added pop of color against a bare wall. Another option is to bring an ottoman that may be clogging up space in your den into your home office for a cozy reading nook.
  2. Add throw pillows. If you want to try out different color schemes without commitment, this is a super easy way to find the style you’re looking for. Add new throw pillows to sofas and chairs in any room. Throw pillows are easy to swap in and out throughout the changing seasons to keep a room from feeling stale.
  3. Bring in a new rug. Adding a rug to a room can quickly give a pop of color and transform it. For a cozy feeling, find a rug with warm colors and for a more put together space, find a rug with cool shades and tones. Keep in mind the angle and placement of the rug – this can change everything! Pro tip: make sure all big furniture pieces like couches and chairs are on top of the rug or at least have the front legs on it.
  4. Create a statement wall. If you have a large wall in your bedroom or living room and feel like no matter how many pictures you hang, it always looks empty, a statement wall is the option for you. You can paint a fun pattern or if you’re not the artistic type, you can just paint it a stand-out color to contrast with the rest of the room. If you aren’t looking for that much of a commitment, check out wallpaper, wall clings or even a large tapestry that you can hang.
  5. Incorporate greenery and plants. Greenery can add a calming and colorful feel to any space. There are multiple ways you can incorporate plants into a room. You can put them in a basket, pot, above cabinets, hanging in a shower or from the ceiling, or on a decorative ladder. Certain plants also have the added bonus of cleansing the air in your home to make things feel and smell fresher.
  6. Maximize your space.This requires you to take in the entirety of a room. Evaluatewhat you do and don’t like about the space and think how you can make it more functional. Highlight the parts of the room you like with natural light and bold pieces or colors. Use baskets and other storage solutions to tuck away any clutter.
  7. Layer different textures in the same room. People may often overlook this but a contrast in textures can really break the space up and provide a variety of depths to a room. Things like cable-knit blankets, wicker baskets and wooden tables can help give your room a boost without having to completely redecorate.

At the end of the day, your home is what you make it. We hope these tips will help you get creative to refresh and rejuvenate your space without breaking the bank!