Spring Cleaning and Decluttering Tips

Spring Cleaning and Decluttering Tips
  • Written on March 25, 2021 By M. Clean

Tidying and organizing your house can actually be a great way to de-stress, while also creating a healthier and happier home. With spring on the horizon, the thought of scrubbing your house top to bottom can feel like a massive to-do, but it doesn’t have to be! Follow these quick tips to help you tackle your spring-cleaning journey in chunks instead of one big overhaul in one day.

  1. Psych yourself up to get started. If you struggle with procrastination, try making the process more enjoyable for yourself! Research has shown that certain types of music can actually make you more productive, so put on your favorite playlist, artist or podcast to hype yourself up. If actually getting up and starting is your pain point, think about setting a timer for a small amount of time. Start cleaning during that time and then when the timer’s up, you can sit down. It’s proven that most people actually don’t stop when the timer ends because they’re already in a groove – a win-win!
  2. Create a plan. Spring cleaning feels like the time when you need to clean everything under the sun. This makes it super daunting and then you end up getting less done because you’re intimidated. Break it up and before you begin, prioritize what needs to be done first. Take the time to create a to-do list of your priorities to better manage your time.
  3. Evaluate what regularly gets cleaned vs. never. Your pots, cutting board and sheets regularly are cleaned and washed, but what about your door mat or your baseboards? You may just be focusing on cleaning the same items over and over again and neglecting other areas of your home! Make a list of each room and within that, what areas you just cleaned last week and what hasn’t been cleaned in months. Start with the latter to make some real change.
  4. Start small!Ease yourself into the process by picking a small area or task to accomplish first. Things like cleaning out the fridge or even just putting away winter jackets can make a big difference and won’t take hours to finish. These tasks will give you that sense of instant gratification and let you “check” an item off the list – you’ll have the motivation to keep going and cross even more things off!
  5. Simplify your online life. With coronavirus forcing us to experience most of our daily lives via a computer, take the time to organize your online life. Although it seems small, a maxed-out inbox or files all over your desktop can cause additional stress that no one needs right now! Try deleting old messages, contacts, videos and pictures you no longer need. Unsubscribe from those promotional emails that you no longer want or never actually get around to open.
  6. Consider the 3 C’s. Consolidate, categorize and contain. You can use these steps for any room in your house to do some quick decluttering and cleaning. Consolidating may look like putting items in your pantry in order of how much you use them or putting all your everyday shoes on the bottom rack for quick grabbing. From there, categorize and put all related items together – have your keys and purse all by the door for when you head out to work. Contain those items together either with a clear storage bin, within the same kitchen drawer or on a coat rack.

After you’re done, the most important step is to treat yourself, whether that be binging your favorite Netflix series, going through a yoga flow, eating an ice cream sundae or pouring yourself a glass of wine. You deserve it!

We hope these tips and tricks motivate you to begin your spring cleaning process. You’ll be surprised how good you feel afterwards.